Public relations and media relations campaigns - Mondo Marketing
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Public Relations

Eye-catching advertisements, persuasive direct mail and wow factor websites are high profile marketing tools that often overshadow the great job public relations (PR) can do as part of the marketing armoury.


Mondo’s PR services work to deliver benefits beyond, and in support of, the ‘sell’ for your products or services. Through media relations and stakeholder engagement, Mondo helps tell a deeper story – raising awareness, promoting understanding, building trust and even changing attitudes and perceptions.


PR can attract business in its own right and can also provide the best possible arena to help your other marketing activities succeed.
Public relations portfolio

Stakeholder relations

From commercial businesses to non-profit organisations, running a successful enterprise is not all about selling.


Healthy relationships with stakeholders both smooth and support day-to-day operations. With tailored communications, Mondo can help ensure you keep staff motivated, suppliers supportive, shareholders relaxed, neighbours calm and customers confident.


Dedicated newsletters, events, blogs and social media are just some of the techniques Mondo can use to help build the strongest stakeholder relationships.

Media relations

With trained journalists and over 30 years’ experience, Mondo knows how to turn a story into effective media coverage – third party endorsement that is often seen as being more credible than advertising.


We identify key media channels to reach each target audience, liaising with reporters and tailoring messages to maximise appeal to readers, listeners and viewers.


Our focus and versatility ensure the clarity and relevance of your messages across all channels and for all markets – whether its press releases, photo calls and product launches to gain column inches and airtime; competition placement and reader promotions to stimulate engagement; or blogs and social media activity to spread the word.