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International Boatbuilding Training College Portsmouth

This marketing strategy project for the International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC) at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, highlights how Mondo can help clients who are able to implement activity themselves but can benefit from our insight, experience and creative thinking to inform that.


In this case, IBTC Portsmouth had a government grant available to fund bursaries for people whose work was devastated as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Anyone made redundant or suffering significant losses to their self-employment could apply to retrain on an IBTC course but the problem was how best to reach those individuals and bring the opportunity to their attention when there is not simply a database of such people.


Mondo undertook research and devised a strategy that identified a variety of routes and activities to spread the word – from website SEO and content improvement to targeted online communications and direct liaison with relevant industry bodies.


IBTC has been able to attain enough suitable candidates for the next three intakes of students and can also use the strategy to assist with non-bursary marketing activity.


So, Mondo doesn’t always have to provide a full service – helping with copywriting, imagery and production of marketing materials.  If a client has in-house capability we can assist with just strategy or any combination of that and whatever services cannot be handled themselves.


To find out more about IBTC Portsmouth, click their logo below.



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