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Lyst Consulting

Mondo was appointed to design and build a new website for Lyst. Their previous website was weak in terms of communicating key messages and large areas of the text that were used across the website were too long and, in some cases, repetitive.


Stage one of the project involved Mondo researching and learning about Lyst as a business and the people behind it. This information gathering, along with a review of the previous website, enabled Mondo’s team to identify and prioritise the many messages that needed to be better presented to website visitors.


When writing the website content Mondo recommended changing the tone of voice to a more conversational style and using a first person narrative – after all, a consultancy of any nature is all about the people.


Focusing on benefit-led messages, the new website text was written in smaller, easy to read sections as opposed to the longer paragraphs that were previously used. Due to a diverse audience which might include those who are less familiar with IT language, a friendly, professional and authoritative tone was used.


Once the content was approved, stage two of the project was to create a modern and professional design with easy navigation and that is responsive to all devices on which it could be viewed.


View the website here

Copywriting, Website design