Signs of a safe recovery - show workers and customers the way forward  - Mondo Marketing
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Signs of a safe recovery – show workers and customers the way forward 

Slowly, it appears that the recent lockdown is starting to see some relaxations. Whilst we’re all glad to have a little more freedom, the key reason for these moves by the Government is that they want to see businesses and organisations begin to re-open and the economy enter the road to recovery. 


Central to this being successful, however, is places re-opening safely – minimising any risk to customers, staff and any other people who may come into contact with others in the workplace setting. For weeks now the importance of social distancing has been drilled into us along with hygiene practices such as washing our hands but to keep people focused it is vital that there are visual reminders.  These need to be located not just at contact points but all around offices, shops and then hopefully further down the line hospitality and visitor attraction venues.  


We’ve already been asked to help clients produce a range of social distancing materials which range from floor stickers and bollard covers to posters and beam-hanging signage. These aren’t the only items available though – our team has access to a wide range of different options. A quick phone call with you to find out more about your business and the layout of your location will allow us to recommend the best social distancing materials to suit your needs.  


Artwork for these items won’t necessarily need to be our most creative work but you will have peace of mind knowing that our designers will ensure that messages are eye-catching and clear.  


So, let Mondo take care of the production of all of your social distancing materials leaving you with more time to focus on the many other areas of getting your business or organisation up and running again. To find out more call us on 02392 610001 or email