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Blogs…are they dead or alive?

A very quick answer to the above would be that we hope that blogs are still very much alive – otherwise why are we writing this particular one?   The fact that it’s here shows that blog articles should still be considered as an important element of any marketing plan. That said, while we champion the use of them we’re fully aware that in recent times the very nature of how they are used has evolved.   Whereas in the past a blog would most likely be a standalone item most are now integrated into a main website. Individual blog articles now take the form of advanced web pages and, in addition to text, easily showcase images, infographics, videos and other types of interactive content.   Why we love blogs We personally love a blog because their...

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Getting the most from social media marketing

Practically everybody uses social media of some kind so if you’re not talking to your audiences through social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook then you’re missing an opportunity. A clever social media campaign can be highly successful for your business as it gets people interested in your brand which can then help with driving enquiries and sales.   So what is social media marketing? Put simply, social media marketing is all about content. It’s about creating content and then sharing it on social media networks. This activity is a mix of posting text and images, videos and other content that will encourage your audience to engage with you.   Ideally though, instead of randomly just posting content you ought to devise a social strategy that outlines what you want to achieve through social...

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What we call piggyback marketing!

You can have all of the marketing plans and schedules in the world but sometimes unplanned opportunities appear that can be taken advantage of. We’ll maybe spot something happening in the news or become aware of a new trend that we can use to our advantage to gain valuable exposure for our Mondo clients.   The key with these opportunities is jumping on the back of them quickly, with an interesting and reactive response and in a way that will benefit our clients.   An example of this is last week’s activity for Mondo client Nicols. We became aware that a new TV series on Channel 5 was to air about a group of five celebrities taking to the rivers of France on a canal boat. Nicols offer holidays on the same rivers that...

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